Aspiring to preserve the important traditions of the old world and inspire the cultivation of creative and integral forms of holistic expression, Monsoon-Music has a multifaceted platform of sharing their vision:

• Traditional and creative live music performances, from large auditorium and big stage outdoor festivals, to intimate house concerts in the traditional Indian culture.  Monsoon-Music members Jonathan & Andrew Kay, and Justin Gray have performed  Indian Classical music at some of India’s most prestigious music conferences as well as sharing their original Indo-Jazz music throughout North America & India.

• Teaching and sharing cross-cultural integration of the arts and creative holistic living throughout educational institutions, workshops and private instruction. By funding and organizing workshops in remote rural areas in East India, Monsoon-Music has begun to create a dialogue that aims at bridging the traditional cultures of the East and West. 

• Production of artistic and interactive educational multimedia that inspires a broader perspective, a more holistic world-view and  a personal sense of responsibility in the evolving global village.  Through extensive blogging and sharing of images and videos from many years of rich cultural experiences in India, Monsoon-Music  has a vast archive of artistically presented multimedia. 

        Monsoon-Music is a collective organization founded in 2006 by brothers Jonathan and Andrew Kay, and Justin Gray, to create a global platform for sharing cross-cultural expressions of traditional and modern art forms from around the world.  These three globetrotting musicians are currently based in Toronto, Canada and Kolkata, India and for the past 8 years Monsoon-Music has been an integral part of organizing multiple International cultural events in Canada and India.



Monsoon-Music Productions

The Holistic Vision of Monsoon-Music
“Aspiring to dynamically and creatively express the highest Universal Truths.” 
	Jonathan and Andrew Kay and Justin Gray have united under Monsoon-Music to cultivate a creative and harmonious consciousness that aspires towards the highest spiritual ideals through collective expressions of art and music.
	Inspired by their time living in India, the Trio aims to infuse their music with the sacred and spiritual vibrations first revealed to the ancient mystic yogis and seers of India. Nada Brahma, this musical consciousness, passed down to them in the traditional Guru-Shishya Parampara by their Guru, Pandit Shantanu Bhattacharyya, is a powerful instrument of spiritual transformation.  By dedication and sincere devotion to these ancient spiritual teachings and music Sadhana (practice), Monsoon-Music aspires to create art and music that inspires an inner journey of self-discovery which can elevate us into wider and more harmonious relationships.
	Since the dawn of humanity it has been known that music is the most universal language that is both transformative and healing. It is through this ancient science that Indian Raga music has evolved, and Monsoon-Music is dedicated to sharing this spiritually healthy music with people from all cultures, offering an enriching and meaningful experience. Monsoon-Music is culturing a deep understanding of Eastern philosophy and music, and aims to unify the fabrics of both Eastern and Western culture into harmonious and meaningful cross-cultural expressions. 
	“Creative Unity” summarizes and focuses the goals of Monsoon-Music. By culturing a journey of self-discovery through creative art and music, the innermost being or Soul begins to guide all actions into more harmonious relationships with a unified collective and universal consciousness. The dissolution of the individual self into that of a larger, broader collective consciousness aids in the transformation of the subtle-ego and ultimately elevates the root motive of all action into a freely creative expression sourced from a higher and wider Light. Monsoon-Music is devoted to creatively exploring and expressing this unified consciousness that will elevate and enrich all aspects of our lives.
	Monsoon-Music is excited to share their vision of this consciousness by building a community of aspiring and like minded individuals, and organizing events that will unify and strengthen our connection with each other and the greater Whole.  Since it’s creation, Monsoon-Music has organized a multitude of meaningful and successful events, including 5 wonderful years of The Toronto Indo-Jazz Festival, sharing music from all over the globe in the most multi-cultural city in the world, Toronto. As an integral part of the Festival, The Monsoon-Music Scholarship was created to raise money for under-privileged music students in rural India, and Monsoon-Music has humbly donated thousands of dollars to make a lasting difference in these children’s lives.

      Monsoon-Music aims to spread awareness of global unity through the culturing of traditional and modern art forms from around the world in their purest form alongside their modern creative interpretation and relevant synthesis with the emerging global culture.  Based on extensive traveling and many diverse cultural experiences, we aim to help bridge the gap between East and West by cross-cultural interaction and sharing of common ideals, embracing only the most worthy values and traditions that each culture offers.