Monsoon-Music Scholarship

        Determined to spread truth, peace, and unity through music, Jonathan, Andrew and Justin’s first trip to India inspired them to tangibly make a difference in underprivileged music students lives in India.  Overwhelmed by the extreme material poverty they witnessed while travelling, the trio vowed to help share the wealth of the West with deserving people in the East.

The Monsoon Music Scholarship was created to help underprivileged music students continue to pursue their passion of learning Classical music, which would otherwise not be possible due to lack of financial resources.  Monsoon-Music aspires to spread awareness of global unity and help bridge the gap between East and West by the culturing and sharing of common ideals, and embracing only the most worthy values and traditions from each culture.  The cultivation of music in every family’s home is a fading tradition all over the world.  We believe it is necessary to support the culturing of music to encourage a positive and universal society.

        The Monsoon Music Scholarship was inaugurated at the 1st Toronto Indo-Jazz Festival in 2006.  Volunteers came forward to donate their time and money to help raise $2,500 over the course of the festival.  Jonathan, Andrew and Justin were so inspired by the amazing response from the generous donors.  With the money entrusted to them they returned to India to begin a meaningful relationship with the collection of Raga music students under the group Aalor Pathe Raga Dhwani, lead by their Guru Shantanu Bhattacharyya.

        Aalor Pathe Raga Dhwani is group of devoted and talented students of Raga music from Agartala, Tripura, a small state of India on the east side of Bangladesh and Kolkata, West Bengal.  The trio learned that Shantanu-ji had been donating his time teaching this group for years now and some of his most talented students might not even be able to continue due to lack of financial resources.  Monsoon-Music agreed that these worthy students should be given the opportunity to continue their pursuit of Raga music. 

        Since 2008, Jonathan, Andrew and Justin have been to Agartala three times, spending many meaningful hours with these children, teaching, learning and sharing music together.  With the help of the Monsoon Music Scholarship,  Aalor Pathe Raga Dhwani is growing stronger each year, with a group of 20 children practicing and cultivating higher ideals through the culturing of music.  In 2008 and 2010, with the support of the Scholarship fund, Aalor Pathe Raga Dhwani organized two feature concerts in Agartala to showcase the children’s exceptional talent and dedication to their study of Raga music.  The continuing success of these children has proven that with hard work, perseverance, devotion and faith, the human potential is well beyond any obstacles that stand in the path of the light.