Saxophone Brothers

Resting in the peaceful Soul of Indian Classical music;
emanating from the creative Heart of Jazz improvisation

     Inspired by the spiritual revelations crying from John Coltrane’s saxophone in the late 60’s, the Saxophone Brothers, Jonathan and Andrew Kay have continued Coltrane’s search for a “multicultural theory of musical transcendence” in Kolkata, India, where for the past 6 years they have been living with their Guru, Pandit Shantanu Bhattacharyya learning the art of North Indian Raga music and it’s expression on the Soprano, Alto and Tenor saxophones.

The Saxophone Brothers are emerging as the first to express the subtle and delicate nuances of the Ragas on the saxophone and are already important contributors to the evolution of Raga music performance by rendering the entire Raga on Saxophone, in both the vocal and instrumental styles, innovating certain techniques hitherto not attempted.  This includes the research and development of the first non-tempered saxophone, The Shruti-phone, designed to more perfectly express the subtle shrutis (micro-tones) of the Ragas.

For 12 years in Toronto, Canada, under the mentorship of world-class saxophonist and Coltrane scholar Pat LaBarbera, the Kay brothers gained acclaimed proficiency in creative jazz and improvised music and are passionately continuing Coltrane’s cross-cultural journey, uniting his musical vision with the knowledge of India's Ragas in search for a truly universal and transcendental musical expression.  

Being inspired, young and talented pathfinders, the Saxophone Brothers are exploring undiscovered musical realms which unite the spirit of the East with the creativity of the West in a never before realized synthesis of musical expression through the saxophone.

The Saxophone Brothers Performance Highlights

17th Sangeetachaarya Rashika Mohan Maitreye Music Conference, Gandhi Bhavan, Kolkata 2015

Aspiration Festival @ Laxmi’s House, Future Foundation School, Kolkata 2015

Aalor Pathe Raga Dhwani’s Gurupranaam, Gyan Manch, Kolkata 2014

Aalor Pathe Raga Dhwani’s Gurupranaam, Rabindra Sadan, Kolkata 2013

Bhartiya Sanskriti Samsad, Kolkata 2013

The All-Bengal Music Conference, Kolkata 2013

Champaran Music Festival, Motihari, Bihar  2013

North Indian Tour: New Delhi, Shimla, Chandighar 2013

Bickram Ghosh’s Rhythmscape (Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata) 2010-2013

One World Fusion Extravaganza with Bickram Ghosh & Ronu Majumdar 2012

Coltrane to Ragas (Kolkata, Hyderabad) 2012

Canadian High Commission, New Delhi 2012

Bangaluru International Arts Music Festival, 2012

Tejendra Majumdar Fusion Band, Kolkata 2010


2015 Monsoon Trio - Awakening in Ragas

2015 Snehashis Majumdar – Bengali Modern Songs

2014 Monsoon – Mandala

2013 Ranajit Sengupta – Bengali Modern Songs

2012 Subhen Chatterjee & The Langa Manganiyars – Desert Roots

2012 Subhen Chatterjee & The Bauls of Bengal – Baul Express

2009 Tejendra Majumdar

2009  Bickram Ghosh – Tagore Lounge

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