A true artist is a seeker, endlessly searching for the Soul in all of life's wondrous expressions.  We are inspired by the ancient Yogis and Mystics of India, whose search for ultimate Truth and meaning in existence flowered as the timeless traditions of India's philosophy, arts and music.  Following this tradition of Sadhana, spiritual and musical discipline for the past 10 years, we have immersed ourselves in culturing these higher ideals of spirituality and philosophy.  We aspire to expand our knowledge and integrate this ancient Wisdom from the East into an integrally creative and musical life.

Please give yourself time to read through these pages and be open. 

Embrace new perspectives and try to see if these philosophies can help create a more meaningful and creative life. 

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Guru Consciousness

The fountain of India’s great spiritual and musical knowledge, the Guru-Shishya relationship is explained from our experiences with our Guru, Pandit Shantanu Bhattacharyya.

Creative Unity

Exploring the nature of the collective consciousness and its creative and harmonious expression.

Light From The East

A collection of articles on music and spirituality by the great Yogis and Maestros from the East.

John Coltrane’s Theory of Multicultural Musical Transcendence

Exploring the spiritual journey of John Coltrane and his search for a "multi-cultural theory of musical transcendence."

Our Writings

Philosophy and thoughts about the nature of our artistic, creative, and spiritual journey.

A Journey Within

An interview with Monsoon-Music on their journey into the heart of traditional Indian culture.

Looking East - The Spiritual Nature of John Coltrane

John Coltrane’s spiritual awakening in 1957 led to a profound inner transformation, inspired by the music and spiritual traditions of India.

The Journey of Sadhana

A multi-layered journey from the primordial vibration “OM” into the heart of Indian spirituality, complete with musical selections from the greatest Indian Classical Music Maestros.

On Appreciation of Raga MusicRavi Shankar

The Riddle of ExistenceSri Aurobindo

The Science of LivingThe Mother (Mirra Alfassa)

The Four Austerities and the Four LiberationsThe Mother (Mirra Alfassa)

The Mysticism of Sound and Music: Music of the SpheresHazrat Inyat Khan

The Mysticism of Sound and Music: The Healing Power of MusicHazrat Inyat Khan

Raga and MayaGundecha Brothers (Dhrupad Singers)

Dhrupad and Nada BramhaDhrupad of the Dagar tradition and Nada Yoga

The Cultural Uniqueness of Indian Music TherapyAurelio (Director of Svaram Musical Instruments Research Station, Auroville, Pondicherry)